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Properties related to the calendar view are located in the Calendar View group.

CalendarCustomSortMemberThe field that should be used for sorting displayed data.
CalendarDateDueMemberDate due field.
CalendarDateFromMemberDate from field.
CalendarDateToMemberDate to field.
CalendarDescriptionMemberDescription field. Content is shown in the tooltip of the event.
CalendarIsFinishedMemberNot implemented.
CalendarNameMemberName field. Content is shown as a description in the cell representing the event.
CalendarResourceIdMemberResource field.
CalendarResourceNameLookupFieldNot implemented.
CalendarRowHeightCalendar row height coefficient. By default the calendar view uses a basic value from metrics. It is possible to force the calendar to use wider rows by specifying row height coefficient.
CalendarShowAllResourcesBy default the calendar view displays only resources with some event assigned to them. If this property is set to true, all resources will be displayed.
DefaultCalendarViewIn what type of view should the calendar view display the data (daily view, weekly view, monthly view, etc.).
IsCalendarSupportedIf true, the calendar view is added to a screen section and the icon for the calendar view is available in the toolbar.
IsCalendarVisibleIf true, the calendar view is set as a default view.

The Minimum working configuration is the following: The property IsCalendarSupported is set as true and properties CalendarDateFromMember, CalendarDateToMember, CalendarNameMember, CalendarResourceIdMember are set.

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