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This article aims to provide basic information on creating Printit report for a new project. It's more a collection of notes than proper how-to article.

Calling Print server

Report templates are using RML and they are stored in mpt files on print server. Report is generated upon calling url http://printdev.icontel.com:7999/form with JSON request.

Basic Report Request
templdirFolder on print server where template is stored.
templnameName of the template file without extension.
dsnameName of the datasource file.

Datasource file

Datasource file is special python script which converts data sent through JSON to a tree structure, which is processed by template afterwards. Datasource file has to be stored in the subfolder datasources in under the folder where the template is stored. If omitted template won't be able to get access to the data provided by JSON.

Accessing DATA

Consider following request:

To access User.Name in report you need to use following path:

context/jargs/ is a root of the tree structure, into which the data is populated.