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This article provides information on configuration of user management in Origam application.



Sample Startup.cs is included in build in file Startup.cs_. As default Startup.cs_ is configured to use AspNet Membership provider to preserve backwards compatibility.

Registration of callback function
CreateUserManager Function

Windows Authentication

When you use pure Windows Authentication in IIS (no login screen, just single-sign-on using your Windows credentials) you need to comment out the following section from Startup.cs:

Origam model for USER authentication

If you decide to use Origam model for user authentication, you need to switch to OrigamModelUserManager class.

Using OrigamModelUserManager

By default OrigamModelUserManager class is using following settings:

Minimum password length12
Number of required non-alphanumeric characters in password6
Number of invalid password attempts3
Basic OrigamModelUserManager Configuration

Two-Factor Authentication

Origam system is capable of two-factor authentication. Right now only email is implemented as the second factor. If two-factor authentication is enabled, the user is redirected after providing username/password to the ~/Login2 URL, where she should provide security code.

~/Login2 URL should be accessible for unauthorized access. You need to amend web.config in appropriate way.

Two-Factor Authentication: Email

E-mail Address Confirmation Feature

As a new feature Origam provides possibility to confirm e-mail address. This feature is implemented via model of the application, but to be able to use it, user manager needs to have a token provider set up. Feature also provides special URL ~/ConfirmEmail (see: Email Address Confirmation). 

~/ConfirmEmail URL should be accessible for unauthorized access. You need to amend web.config in appropriate way.

Token Provider Configuration

Complex Configuration Example

This example of application configured for e-mail address confirmation, two-factor authentication and with customized password settings.

Complex Configuration Example