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Use the designer to place the widgets on screens or screen sections. The designer is divided into the following sections:

Screen/Section PropertiesSpecify name and which data structure (in case of the Screen) or data entity (in case of the Screen Section) will be used as a base for the designer.
ToolboxLists all the objects you can place on the screen/section. When designing screen sections, you can directly place the data entity fields on the workbench and corresponding widgets will be created.
Property Grid (F4)In this grid you can set and modify any properties of the widgets so their behaviour is changed from default.
DesignerThe workbench on which you place controls.


By pressing Ctrl+Shift+T in the designer you can quickly set tab indexes (order in which the user can move from widget to widget by pressing Tab key on the keyboard). Click on each control in the order in which you want the tab indexes to be set.
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