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OpenFormOpens a new UI for the the workflow. It's used when the workflow is going to have at least one UI step.
ReportN/A in sequential workflow action. Use it in Report action instead.
WorkflowRuns a workflow without starting any GUI. It's possible to merge a return context store back into the screen.
QueueActionN/A. Not intended to use in sequential workflow action.
SelectionDialogActionN/A in sequential workflow action. Use it in Menu action instead.
DropDownN/A in sequential workflow action. Use it in Dropdown action instead.


RefreshAfterReturn (applicable only if ActionType = OpenForm)


AppendMergeExistingKeep all current records of target  even though they are not present at incoming. Add all new records from incoming to target. Update all the existing target records according the values of incoming.
IgnoreSkip merge.
FullMergeModify target so that at the end it looks exactly like incoming.
DeleteMatchesDelete all records of target  where primary keys are present at incoming.


Mode (Specifies relation between the action and the data)