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  1. The easiest way to create a Menu Item is when you have already created a screen section and a screen.You can expand the User Interface Model > Menu, right-click on the Menu folder (with the house icon) and select New > Screen Reference.

  2. The model editor will open. Now you can fill in the attributes. The element is referenced in the model by Name. DisplayName is used in the web application and this is what will the user see. In Screen you set a reference to the screen that will be displayed when you click on the menu item. In Roles you grant access to the screen to a user. When you use a star (*), the screen will be visible for all users. Otherwise fill in a list of application roles separated by a semicolon.

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  1. There are other ways to create a Menu Item. You can expand Data Model > Entities > YourProjectName, right-click on one entity and select Actions > Create Menu Item. A wizard will appear that will create a screen section, a screen, a menu item and a data structure for you. Another way is to expand User Interface Model > Screen Sections > YourProjectName, right-click on one screen section and select Actions > Create Menu Item. Finally in the User Interface Model you can expand Screens > YourProjectName, right-click on one screen and select Actions > Create Menu Item.

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  2. A wizard will appear where you fill the Caption and Role fields. Click on OK.

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  3. The wizard will finish for you and show you the generated element.

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