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This menu item allows a user to redefine and store a different value to the underlying data constant.
 This value is then used instead of the value originally provided by the developer. The value is application-wide so its value is the same for all the application users.




AncestorsInherited model elements, e.g. inherited entities from which you want to share fields, filters, etc. In order to inherit a model element, the inherited model element has to be set to Inheritable = True.
InheritableIndicates if this model element allows to be inherited by another model element. If set to True, it is possible e.g. to reuse an entity definition in other entities. If an element is inheritable, all child elements must be set to Inheritable = True.


OpenExclusivelyIf set to True, it is possible to execute this menu item only when other screens are closed.
RefreshPortalAfterSaveIf set to True, the client will refresh its menu after saving the data.
DataLookupOptional data lookup which will be used to display the drop-down box. If not specified, the lookup defined in DataConstant will be used.