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  1. Import new Root and Security (AS Authorization before) packages using Architect File > Import Single Package
  2. Execute deployment scripts on these packages (in Architect - File > Run Update Scripts)
  3. We changed the user name under which the application server runs work queues and other stuff. Before you had to have an internal user in your BusinessPartner table which equaled to the user name under which your application server ran. It was typically IIS APPPOOL\origam or something like that. From now on it will be a fixed user name – origam_server. In order to migrate locate an entry of your internal user in the BusinessPartner table and change the UserName to origam_server.
  4. Follow the How To Upgrade Web Application to OWIN article
  5. In case you use Windows Authentication or you want to migrate to the new ASP.NET Identity from a .NET Membership database follow Startup.cs User Management Configuration article
  6. If you use an LDAP Membership authentication provider (authenticating against an Active Directory domain) and you use the following key  <appSettings><add key="injectDomain"/> you need to convert this setting to Startup.cs using Active Directory Authentication Setup.