This article describes the installation steps of ORIGAM Scheduler and its configuration options.


Use sc.exe utility (see to install the OrigamScheduler.exe as a Windows service. 

sc create "[ServiceName]" binPath="[PathToServiceDirectory]\OrigamScheduler.exe"

On a newer windows servers add a space after equal sign to make it work

sc create "[ServiceName]" binPath= "[PathToServiceDirectory]\OrigamScheduler.exe"
[ServiceName]Name of your service, e.g. "ORIGAM Scheduler (Production)"
binPathPath to your ORIGAM application folder which includes OrigamScheduler.exe.


It is possible to install several schedulers, each of which will process only a subset of schedules. This way you can scale to multiple servers (or server cores since the schedules are processed in a single thread).

OrigamSettings/SchedulerFilterHere you can enter a name of the model folder of Business Logic/Schedules. The scheduler will then process only schedules located in this folder.