Change Log

Stable Application Server – Update 2019.1

Apr 10, 2019 (build 14) 2019.1#11 Download this version


  • FIX: UIActions weren't sorted by name in Architect model tree.

Apr 8, 2019 (build 13) 2019.1#10 Download this version


  • FIX: Errors were logged even if there's no exception.

Apr 8, 2019 (build 12) 2019.1#9 Download this version


  • CHG: WorkQueue.ExternalSourceConnection is Memo now.

Apr 3, 2019 (build 11) 2019.1#8 Download this version


  • FIX: Incorrect type check in WorkQueueServiceAgent (resolves #96).

Mar 26, 2019 (build 10) 2019.1#7 Download this version


  • FIX: An Error is shown if trying to switch between deployment versions

Mar 25, 2019 (build 8) 2019.1#5 Download this version


  • FIX: Copying text from Model Errors window sometimes causes exception

Mar 21, 2019 (build 4) 2019.1#3 Download this version


  • NEW: A check is performed to verify that all objects are stored in .Origam files with the same name as the objets' names after a project is loaded. (ref. #90)

  • FIX: PackageEditor is marked as "Dirty" (with *) right after it is open.

  • FIX: Cannot close ControlSetEditor if an error occurs while closing it

  • FIX: Cannot close Architect if an error occurs while closing it

Mar 19, 2019 (build 1) 2019.1 Download this version


  • NEW: Workflow Step Dropdown in the Workflow Dependency doesn't contain the parent step anymore.

  • NEW: Some new icons in Architect

  • NEW: Popup windows open from the main toolbar can be docked by clicking on "Dock" button inside of them.

  • NEW: More Architect icons

  • NEW: Model files are checked for duplicate ids every time a project is open (ref. #80)

  • NEW: Menu Xml Exporter(ref #6)

  • NEW: finish generate xml dom.

  • NEW: Architect look and feel updated to VS2015+ design. Colors updated to match the new icon designs.

  • NEW: Add Git Setup into New Project Wizard.

  • INTERTNAL: Created solution folder Common

  • INTERMNAL: log4net logging added to ServerCore project

  • CHG: Toolbar buttons in Architect don't display '...' (ref #70).

  • CHG: Security settings are red from OrigamSettings.config see the added part of the config file in _OrigamSettings.config in OrigamArchitect

  • CHG: removed SerialPortAgent

  • CHG: paramneter "gsPath" used in PrintServiceAgent was moved from App.config to OrigamSettings

  • CHG: Origam.Sharepoint removed

  • CHG: Items in ListBox shown after clicking on one of Actions available for entity in architect will be selected after the first click.

  • CHG: Database created by the new project wizard does not have "_data" in it's name

  • CHG: Attributes and nodes in .origam files are ordered by their name

  • CHG: An error message is shown if trying to open a model persisted in filesystem, but path to the model is not found in OrigamSettings

  • CHG: Add NotNullModelElementRule on Task field in WorkflowTaskDependency . ref: #73.

  • FIX: When File System Persistence is active the database relevant menu items are still visible (ref #11)

  • FIX: Status bar in Architect is never showing anything

  • FIX: show no changes when diff of file is on last line.

  • FIX: server could not fing OrigamSettings.config

  • FIX: SearchText parameter in GetLookupListEx api method is case sensitive

  • FIX: one extra ArrayOfOrigamSettings node is created when writing Origam,Settings.config

  • FIX: NullreferenceException when reloading windows after an external file change and DeploymentScriptGenerator is among open windows

  • FIX: New elements created from the navigation bar open in an undocked window (ref. #78)

  • FIX: change version of ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll.

  • FIX: HelpUrl is set to wrong address when a new project is created (ref. #88).

  • FIX: Folders in ModelBrowser in architect cannot be deleted

  • FIX: Find Dependencies command does not work on DataStructureEntity

  • FIX: exception in parse diff result.

  • FIX: Deployment Script Editor did not work with Missing in Model. Had a wrong font size.

  • FIX: data is lost in workflow if datastructure "Any" is used in it

  • FIX: Cannot open old model perissted in database

  • FIX: Cannot create new group in architect ModeView

  • FIX: Architect's Model Browser context menu was still active after disconnecting and was crashing.

  • FIX: Architect does not release memory allocated for model conversion after disconnect

  • FIX: Architect - "Files" property removed from model editors.

  • FIX: api method GetLookupListEx returns zero results for DataStructures with more than one DatastructureEntity

  • FIX: Api documentation throws exception on some pages

  • FIX: ampersands removed from toolbar tool tips (ref #12)

  • ├ÅNTERNAL: Returned back Antlr4.StringTemplate.dll as it is not supported on NuGet anymore.