Change Log

Stable Application Server – Update 2018.2

Beta - last version before complete rebranding to ORIGAM

Jan 25, 2019 (build 64) 2018.2#48 Download this version


  • FIX: Window menu items duplicated after Disconnect operation (ref #69).

Dec 17, 2018 (build 60) 2018.2#47 Download this version


  • FIX: add to dataset.Tables ExtendedProperties "HasAggregation" .

  • gui-service

  • FIX: after change value on any field in form , then refresh all childRelations.

Nov 23, 2018 (build 59) 2018.2#46 Download this version


  • NEW: FileSystemService.CreateDirectory

Nov 7, 2018 (build 58) 2018.2#45 Download this version


  • NEW: TransformationService.TransformData - the output file is locked exclusively during the generation.

Nov 5, 2018 (build 57) 2018.2#44 Download this version


  • FIX: XSLT Editor was crashing when parameters were defined inside an xsl:template.

Oct 9, 2018 (build 53) 2018.2#41 Download this version


  • FIX of SHA-1: f75499f7cfd81730b5db446aa0aa316d0cd0bf14 - engine skiped all the state events for entity if there was no state fields in the entity.

Oct 5, 2018 (build 52) 2018.2#40 Download this version


  • NEW: HttpServiceAgent supports Timeout parameter.

Oct 1, 2018 (build 50) 2018.2#38 Download this version


  • FIX: Fix of injected error (reports without parameters didn't work)

Sep 21, 2018 (build 48) 2018.2#36 Download this version


  • NEW: Add a new function AS:Round() - returning decimal between 0.0 - 1.0

Sep 14, 2018 (build 46) 2018.2#34 Download this version


  • FIX: Architect does not restore docked windows to their previous configuration

Sep 11, 2018 (build 45) 2018.2#33 Download this version


  • FIX: Fix of injected error (other than SSRS reports didn't work - NPE)

Aug 31, 2018 (build 42) 2018.2#30 Download this version


  • NEW: SuppressReportTabs client application setting. Passed to flash client. If true, client will always suppress report tabs and reports will be open via hidden frame. Default value is false. (cherry picked from commit 397b2627)

  • hosting

  • NEW: Support for suppressReportTabs setting.

Aug 30, 2018 (build 41) 2018.2#29 Download this version


  • FIX: Workflows invoked via CallWorkflowStep didn't take over TransactionalBehaviour from the caller.

Aug 29, 2018 (build 40) 2018.2#28 Download this version


  • FIX: fix invalid cast to OrigamDataTable. Not all datatables are OrigamDataTables at this place (the ones created in an external library from a typed dataset)

Aug 14, 2018 (build 38) 2018.2#26 Download this version


  • CHG: If there are no state columns in the entity and the entity is not referenced in any work queue class and state machine, StateMachineQueueEntry is not added for the given entity.

  • FIX: WorkQueueEntry stucked locked when the processing fails during delete operation (error firstly appeared while processing germania archive). Fixed also other problem - processing of a WQ entry modification operation, automatic processing turned on and error work queue set. In a case of error it tried to fill the ErrorText field of WQEntry in a new transaction while the old one wasn't finished. It ended up with waiting (Lock Wait timeout exceeded) for transaction that actually had modified the WQ entry data, but had been still opened.

Jul 17, 2018 (build 24) 2018.2#22 Download this version


  • NEW: Error logging for WorkQueueIataBspFileLoader.

Jul 13, 2018 (build 21) 2018.2#19 Download this version


  • NEW: IataBspFileLoader fills Sequence Number now.

Jul 11, 2018 (build 20) 2018.2#18 Download this version


  • NEW: IataBspFileLoader new parameter addLastRowToQueue.

Jul 11, 2018 (build 19) 2018.2#17 Download this version


  • NEW: Instead of ReportViewer.aspx reports now have a proper file name when being downloaded (report's name from model + extension by export type; e.g. "Invoice.pdf")

Jul 9, 2018 (build 18) 2018.2#16 Download this version


  • NEW: Added description to AsapSettings.GUIExcelExportFormat.

Jun 28, 2018 (build 16) 2018.2#14 Download this version


  • NEW: Implemented support for forcing bulk insert when using worfklow DataService.StoreData.

Jun 27, 2018 (build 15) 2018.2#13 Download this version


  • CHG: Changing filter operator when operands are empty doesn't invoke filter anymore.

Jun 26, 2018 (build 14) 2018.2#12 Download this version


  • FIX: When using IE/Firefox, application failed to initialize and stopped working after retrieving theme file.

Jun 21, 2018 (build 10) 2018.2#9 Download this version


  • NEW: Work Queue List is now sorted by Queue Name.

Jun 21, 2018 (build 9) 2018.2#8 Download this version


  • NEW: GroupingRow label strips newline characters.

Jun 15, 2018 (build 7) 2018.2#6 Download this version


  • FIX: When open in Excel, exported XLSX format was marked as corrupted and repair was necessary.

Jun 15, 2018 (build 6) 2018.2#5 Download this version


  • NEW: Crc32C function can be called from xslt

Jun 15, 2018 (build 4) 2018.2#3 Download this version


  • NEW: Crc32C function added to RuleEngine

Jun 11, 2018 (build 2) 2018.2#1 Download this version


  • FIX: WorkQueueIncrementalFileLoader cannot setup a transaction because index file is beeing used by another process.

  • gui-service

  • NEW: Export to Excel supports xlsx format. It is controlled byexportFormat parameter in web.config.

  • NEW: Export Excel format is now controlled via AsapSettings.GUIExcelExportFormat.

Jun 5, 2018 (build 1) 2018.2 Download this version


  • NEW: Workflow can be profiled. Duration of Workflow steps, blocks and whole workflows can be written to a special log file. To switch the logging on/off edit log level of "WorkflowProfiling" logger in AsapArchitect.exe.config. To switch the logging on, set it to DEBUG, to switch off set it to INFO.

  • NEW: Search results can be sorted by clicking on individual columns in the result table.

  • NEW: origam-utils compare-schema.

  • NEW: origam-utils compare-schema has now options to specify what kind of differences should be displayed.

  • NEW: New XSLT functions AS:UTCDateTime and AS:LocalDateTime.

  • NEW: Execution times of a transformation tasks, dateService tasks and rule checks are now logged when profiling a workflow.

  • New: Calls to load task Documentation are loggeed when profiling a workflow

  • CHG: WorkflowFinished event time is not logged anymore separately when profiling a workflow

  • CHG: Workflow time and WorkflowFinished event time are logged separately when profiling a workflow

  • CHG: Trace no longer shows escaped xml in Data2 field

  • CHG: Index file is accessed exclusively

  • CHG: An error message is shown when trying to open a screen and some items cannot be loaded. It will not be possible to open that screen unless the issue is fixed (probably by modyfying the model)

  • FIX: Xsl editor's name is changed when user changes text in name TextBox

  • FIX: WorkQueueService didn't start automatic processing.

  • FIX: Workflow profiling logger correctly marks line corresponding to the workflow total time with "WF". Each workflow is logged within ThreadContext so that individual workflow data should not collide.

  • FIX: ToolStripButtons are removed when form in a workflow is closed

  • FIX: Tool strips are displayed in the main window when showing an AsForm as a part of a workflow. Were displayed in the AsForm before.

  • FIX: Task time and TaskFinished event time are logged separately when profiling a workflow

  • FIX: Right click on a misplaced (placed in wrong package) ControlItem resulted in a message window and command to move it to the right package did not show up. PanelControlSet was added back to dependencies of ControlItem so that the misplaced ControlItem will show ann error message if dependencies are requested.

  • FIX: RestartTimer is not run when executing origam-utils to avoid unimportant exceptions in origam-utils console output

  • FIX: Object not set to a reference message removed when clicking to a dropdown in a grid

  • FIX: New Icons in client in the main toolstrip

  • FIX: Mapped Data Type can be set to null when editing a FieldMappingItem through a properties window.

  • FIX: Loading of datastructures from DB optimized. Datastractures with parent datastructure entity and relationship "Normal" were loaded from DB even if no parent datastructures were found in a previous call to the DB

  • FIX: Load entries are not logged multiple times when profiling a workflow

  • FIX: Items offset from position they are droped on when editing a large ScreenSection.

  • FIX: HashIndexFile class cannot read the index file

  • FIX: Hash index used timestamp with 12h format.

  • FIX: Exception with message "Cannot find table: XXX in dataset when looking at entity: YYY" was thrown if table could not be found during an internal check.

  • FIX: Error message from DecodeSignedOverpunch includes input which caused the fail

  • FIX: Empty ToolsStrips are not shown

  • FIX: DecodeSignedOverpunch can parse input with more decimal places

  • FIX: Ctrl+s does not clear changes in active TextBox before saving

  • FIX: Could not create new screen section

  • FIX: Clicking on Save does not clear changes in active TextBox before saving

  • FIX: AsPanel lets search box keep focus.

  • FIX: Actions with a condition "Panel" do show up in architect

  • FIX: AbstractIndexFile throws NullReferenceException in finalizer

  • FIX: A more specific message is shown when a PanelControlSet requested from ControlItem is not found

  • frontend

  • NEW: When requesting export to excel, client sends information on polymorph rules.

  • NEW: Extended logging for server side search.

  • NEW: Added status messages for operations with groups - Unfolding... and Collapsing.

  • CHG: When grouped, row are now collapsed by default.

  • CHG: Updated mousetrap.js to 1.6.1 to address issues with backslash character in IE.

  • CHG: ServerSearchResult without objectId is inactive.

  • CHG: Grouping operation messages are substituted by Processing... message. If source has less than 1000 rows, groups are expanded by default, otherwise they're collapsed.

  • CHG: Content sent to browser as a clipboard is URI encoded.

  • gui-service

  • NEW: Support for exporting polymorph columns to excel.

  • NEW: Handling search requests through a search box by executing queries defined in User Interface > Search Data Sources model.

  • CHG: Added safeguard code for SavePanelVariables.

  • FIX: ReportPage returned 400 if used with SSRS Report.

  • hosting

  • CHG: Updated mousetrap.js to 1.6.1 to address issues with backslash character.

  • CHG: NetMembershipUserManager - if injectDomain is used, it won't be injected to user names that contain backslash.

  • CHG: Content received from flash for clipboard is URI decoded.