Change Log

Stable Root Model 2016.11

Dec 7, 2016 (build 11) 2016.11#10 Download this version


  • NEW: Workflow "UnlockQueues" for unlocking work queues added to the model

Oct 31, 2016 (build 1) 2016.11 Download this version


  • NEW: Two-Factor authentication for selected users.

  • NEW: Service methods providing password reset: GetPasswordResetToken, GetPasswordResetTokenFromEmail, ResetPassword, more optimal support for security stamp.

  • NEW: PrintService.PrintPDF - Printer parameter made not mandatory.

  • NEW: ParameterService.SetCustomParameterValue has now a new parameter ProfileId. When set, it will override current user's profile id. This allows setting a custom parameter on behalf of another user.

  • NEW: ParameterService added. Allows setting custom parameter values from sequential workflows.

  • NEW: FileSystemService.LoadBlob method. Add Data parameter to PrintService.PrintPDF method to allow printing from blob.

  • NEW: FileSystemService.CopyFile and FileSystemService.MoveFile.

  • NEW: FileSystemService methods SaveXML, SaveText and SaveBlob have new parameter CreateDirectory. If true, service will create necessary directories specified in the output path.

  • NEW: Defined PrintService.PrintPDF.

  • NEW: CustomNumericFormat property for AsTextBox widget.

  • NEW Added a new service method "SendEmailConfirmationToken" to the IdentityService in order to be able to send confirmation mail from within workflow.

  • CHG: Updated AsReportPanel namespace.

  • FIX: fix deployment script in root 4.20 - localization of work queue failed when de-DE and de-CH languages were missing

  • FIX: Added some unused but now mandatory values to OrganizationMappingList_SecurityFilter lookup.