Change Log

Stable Root Model 2018.1

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Oct 4, 2018 (build 42) 2018.1#30 Download this version


  • NEW: HttpService.SendRequest Timeout parameter in ms.

Mar 14, 2018 (build 24) 2018.1#18 Download this version


  • FIX: It wasn't possible to drag ExecuteWorkflowButton widget to a screen.

Feb 27, 2018 (build 22) 2018.1#16 Download this version


  • NEW: A new parametr with actual WorkQueue row is sent to GetAsapNotificationContact along with context if the context isn't work queue row, but 'NotificationDatastructure'.

Jan 29, 2018 (build 6) 2018.1#2 Download this version


  • NEW: WorkQueue has a new parameter QueueProcessor. It can be used to specify instance, which should process given work queue. Instance is identified by parameter Name in AsapSettings.

  • FIX: StateMachineService wasn't able add entries to queues.

Dec 28, 2017 (build 1) 2018.1 Download this version


  • NEW: WorkQueueService.GetNextItem method added. It allows locking an available message from a queue and getting it back.

  • NEW: Workflow "UnlockQueues" for unlocking work queues added to the model

  • NEW: Update PrintService parameters to reflect ghostscript capabilities.

  • NEW: SortSet for AsapWorkflowScreen data structure.

  • NEW: OrigamOnlineUser table for storing session statistics. Available through Menu -> Settings -> User & Security -> Active Sessions.

  • NEW: OrigamOnlineUser datastructure concurrency handling set to LastWins.

  • NEW: MQMessage WorkQueueClass.

  • NEW: localization of MAIL work queue screen

  • NEW: Indexed File Work Queue source.

  • NEW: Implemented support for clearing session of Origam online user.

  • NEW: IATA BSP File Work Queue source.

  • NEW: GridColumnWidth and GridCaption added to the image box widget.

  • NEW: FileSystemService.GetFileSystemInfo - Fills virtual entity FileSystemInfo with information on contents of given folder.

  • NEW: EDIFACT2XMLService.ParseString

  • NEW: EDIFACT2XML.ParseFile.

  • NEW: EDIFACT2XML.ParseFile - added parameter OutputFolder.

  • NEW: DataTransformationService.TransformText - new parameter XsltEngineType.

  • NEW: DataTransformationService.TransformData. Method to perform streamed transformation from DB to file. Only single entity data structures and forward only transformations are supported.

  • NEW: Data constants for ORIGAM Spreadsheet data types

  • NEW: Asap tenant provider now allows profiles in more than one organization

  • NEW: Added system color action-button-toolbar-background-color-2011 to allow users to specify default background color for action buttons located on panel header.

  • NEW: Added Origam Dataspace package. Allows creating apps for

  • NEW: Added MessageSequenceNumber to MQMessage Workw Queue Class.

  • CHG: Updated file format to 4.11

  • CHG: AsTextBox.Text property renamed to Value to support new TextBox widget.

  • CHG: AsapTentProfileProvider - Add a possibility to unswitch from any organization. Also major change is that fullname shown in the profile is always taken from BusinessPartner profile and not the organization one.

  • FIX: Update script was incorrect and in wrong version.

  • FIX: Mail WorkQueue WQ_Mail column description are now localizable. Move the main language to english, do the czech localization, prepare german one.

  • FIX: Help tooltips priority reversed (tooltips are displayed in an ascending order)

  • FIX: EDIFACT2XML.ParseFile.Limit parameter didn't have any options for setting up available.

  • FIX: Bubble help incorrectly identified bubble order (desc instead of asc). Changed package format to the 4.11.