Change Log

Stable Root Model 2015.1.0

Jan 23, 2015 (build 4) 2015.1.0 Download this version


  • NEW: UserEmail added to the UserProfile class so it is possible to use it in external code.

  • NEW: Business partner drop-down is now filtered server-side.

  • NEW: Added new German translations

  • NEW: Added image Menu_Workflow.png

  • CHG: Root model now has English as a default language. Czech added as a translation file.

  • CHG: AsapRoot package renamed to Root

  • CHG: AS Authorization package: Few enhancements to the internal user management. Added feature NET_MEMBERSHIP_EXCLUSIVE_USE. It should only be turned on when a corresponding membership provider that supports creating users and manging passwords is configured (will not work e.g. with Active Directory authentication).

  • CHG: AS Authorization package default language changed to English. Czech is now added as a translation file.

  • FIX: When using ORIGAM to render web pages using _pageTemplates prerender template, the <br/> was rendered as <br></br> making it a double new-line.

  • FIX: Logged user displayed name of(at UI on the right-top) in URL doesn't match name in organization withing multitenant application.