Change Log

Stable Root Model 2020.2

New file system format (not backwards compatible), HTML5 BETA

Oct 12, 2020 (build 1316) 2020.2 Download this version


  • Revert "CHG: Move up Root version due to add new DataStructure WorkQueueEntry_UpdateErrorText."

  • Rename Field Avatar -> AvatarFile and AvatarName -> AvatarFilename. Update Control Users.origam add AvatarFile. Move DeploymentVersion/_origam_root/5.1.0.origam to 5.1.1

  • NEW: Upgraded to meta model version 6.0.0

  • NEW: Postgresql . Add field SecurityStamp into OrigamUser, and create table OrigamIdentityGrant.

  • NEW: OrigamDataAuditLog - SecondReferenceKey - support for logging deleted child entities.

  • NEW: Name and FirstName added because they are needed for user initials svg generation

  • NEW: DataStructure/Work Queue/WorkQueueEntry_UpdateErrorText

  • NEW: Database column normalization - ntext->nvarchar, image->varbinary.

  • NEW: AsPanel.HideCopyButton property.

  • NEW: Added OrigamIdentityGrant table

  • NEW: Added field SecurityStamp needed by two factor authorization implemented in ServerCore

  • NEW: Added field Length for FileSystemInfo entity. Change length field Extension.

  • NEW: Added deployment script for table OrigamIdentityGrant

  • CHG: Move up Root version due to add new DataStructure WorkQueueEntry_UpdateErrorText.

  • Change Xslt engine XslTransform to XslCompiledTransform.

  • FIX: Root package deployment version dependencies.

  • FIX: OrigamIdentityGrant table was added into an old deployment script

  • FIX: EmailConfirmed is parameter now.

  • FIX: Add foreign key OrigamUser/refBusinessPartnerId to BusinessPartner/Id.

  • FIX: Add Field Mentions into OrigamChatMessage.origam.

  • Add Chat project.

  • Add Fields Avatar and AvatarName into BusinessPartner.

  • Add field AvatarFilename into LookupAvatarFileBusinessPartner.origam.