Change Log

Stable Root Model 2015.7

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Nov 2, 2015 (build 73) 2015.7#45 Download this version


  • FIX: Initial user created on the first app startup would require an e-mail confirmation.

Aug 5, 2015 (build 9) 2015.7#7 Download this version


  • FIX: Forgotten rule that was not migrated to a new rule type.

Aug 4, 2015 (build 2) 2015.7 Download this version


  • NEW: WorkQueue Notification - added a new channel - E-mail (queued) - sends notification through Mail Work Queue.

  • NEW: Root model has now a complete deployment script in order to create an empty data database from scratch. It is now compatible from model version 4.0 and above. Deployment scripts for updating from models < 4.0 were removed.

  • NEW: Metamodel version updated to version 4.10 (rule model split from StartRule/EndRule to more detailed elements)

  • NEW: Internal components for supporting initialization of an empty database

  • NEW: Initial user is added to the built-in Super User role.

  • NEW: Identity_CreateUser workflow now accepts a parameter Id which will set an id of the newly created user. If not provided, a unique id will be generated.

  • NEW: Identity_CreateUser workflow now accepts a new parameter RequestEmailConfirmation. When set to True the user's e-mail will not be confirmed and the user will not be able to log-in immediately.

  • NEW: Built-in Super User role

  • NEW: Added support for initializing the first application's user.

  • NEW: Added "My User Profile" screen with a possibility to change a password.

  • NEW: Added "Headers" parameter to the HttpService.SendRequest() method. It allows to specify multiple request headers to the HTTP request, e.g. SOAPAction.

  • CHG: Updated user management action button icons.

  • CHG: Support for RadioButton working on Windows desktop client

  • CHG: Renaming AS Authorization to Security in l10n files

  • CHG: Model format updated to version 4.10.

  • FIX: Previous changes caused /Setup page to be shown on existing installations instead of the Login page on an ORIGAM web application.

  • FIX: Passwords were sometimes logged into the audit log.

  • FIX: Initial DB script did not have user management feature turned on by default.

  • FIX: German translations

  • FIX: File work queues will now be processed by file creation time.

  • FIX: Correctly naming l10n/Root-de-DE.xml

  • FIX: BCC in email was set to max length 0