Change Log

Stable Desktop Architect – Update 2015.7

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Feb 25, 2016 (build 83) 2015.7#55 Download this version


  • FIX: Aggregated column in a data structure failed if the aggregated field was a function field and ForceDatabaseCaluclation was False.

Nov 11, 2015 (build 78) 2015.7#50 Download this version


  • FIX: Simple context stores (non-data structure based) failed to propagate value change up to the calling block if the change occurred inside a block (for-each or transaction).

Nov 5, 2015 (build 75) 2015.7#47 Download this version


  • FIX: Architect - Import Packages From Repository function failed when a package was loaded. An active package is now unloaded before running the import.

Oct 19, 2015 (build 71) 2015.7#43 Download this version


  • FIX: Sometimes a "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." was thrown when an error occured while running a sequential workflow instead of reporting the actual error message.

Oct 9, 2015 (build 70) 2015.7#42 Download this version


  • FIX: Desktop client behaved incorrectly when a new row as added to the grid and then the screen section was left (focused out)

  • FIX: Added more model consistency checks.

Oct 8, 2015 (build 68) 2015.7#40 Download this version


  • FIX: If an empty string is passed as an SMTP server to the MailService by a sequential workflow, the configuration will be used.

Oct 6, 2015 (build 66) 2015.7#38 Download this version


  • FIX: Changes in child entity made by state machine weren't included in change list sent back to UI.

Oct 5, 2015 (build 65) 2015.7#37 Download this version


  • FIX: It wasn't possible to set integer field as null via xpath rule.

Sep 29, 2015 (build 63) 2015.7#35 Download this version


  • FIX: Aggregated Fields and Virtual Fields were not being copied correctly in some cases when copying an entity.

Sep 16, 2015 (build 58) 2015.7#30 Download this version


  • FIX: Model browser failed to select a newly created item in some cases as a result of an update to the .NET 3.5. In such cases the list scrolled down to the bottom of the model browser.

  • FIX: It is now possible to remove a value in an entity field's DefaultValueParameter attribute by selecting the first (empty) item.

Sep 16, 2015 (build 57) 2015.7#29 Download this version


  • FIX: When AsapSettings/ActivateReadOnlyRoles = true and user's credentials were ReadOnly for a menu item and NOT ReadOnly for a contained widget (e.g. Tab) the widget was rendered as read only.

Sep 10, 2015 (build 54) 2015.7#28 Download this version


  • FIX: Column with UseCopiedValue set as true caused stack overflow when its source column was updated.

Sep 8, 2015 (build 43) 2015.7#27 Download this version


  • FIX: It was not possible to put a RadioButton widget into the screen section.

Aug 26, 2015 (build 18) 2015.7#15 Download this version


  • FIX: Child record row-level-security rules were incorrectly evaluated in case they depended on lookup field values.

Aug 25, 2015 (build 17) 2015.7#14 Download this version


  • FIX: Last report's data are traced again in the AsapSettings/ReportsFolder.

Aug 7, 2015 (build 14) 2015.7#11 Download this version


  • FIX: Workflow Trace Text fields weren't updated when switching between table and detail view.

Aug 6, 2015 (build 12) 2015.7#9 Download this version


  • FIX: Some rules of the ruleset were not calculated.

Aug 5, 2015 (build 4) 2015.7#2 Download this version


  • FIX: Action button's rule was evaluated even when its feature was turn off. In case that the rule's content depended on the feature being turned on, the rule evaluation could crash.

Aug 4, 2015 (build 2) 2015.7 Download this version


  • NEW: XSLT Editor now shows the package name of the edited transformation.

  • NEW: Support for built-in Super User role. When creating a new Application Role using a deployment script (e.g. when creating a complete menu item from an entity) the newly created application role is automatically assigned to the built-in Super User role.

  • NEW: Rule model split to the following elements: StartRule, EndRule, EndRuleLookupXPath, EntityRule, SimpleDataRule, ComplexDataRule. Elements where rules are referenced now only choose from the corresponding rule types so choosing rules is easier.

  • NEW: PrintIt reporting engine support (solution based on mixture of python RML and Zope templates).

  • NEW: new XSLT GetStringOrEmpty function that returns empty string in case the name of string is not found. Added XPATH GetString and GetStringOrEmpty funcitons.

  • NEW: New XSLT and XPath function: EncodeDataForUri - encode data string to be used in URL parameters. Escapes also '+' sign.

  • NEW: Model import from file now checks for the model format version. Only files exported with the same format (using a compatible Architect version) can be imported. Current format version is listed in the About > System Information.

  • NEW: LCS Helios Service - InsertUpdate method added

  • NEW: IsUserLockedOut IsUserEmailConfirmed XSLT and XPath functions.

  • NEW: Help integration on F1 - opens When editing a model element the corresponding Model Reference documentation is opened.

  • NEW: File > New Project wizard. It will create a complete deployment (model repository, data database, IIS, new package) ready to use.

  • NEW: Decimal functions added: Plus, Minus, Div, Mod, Mul - can be used from both XSL and XPath.

  • NEW: Database Field now contains a new attribute ExcludeFromAuditing. When turned on this field's changes will not be recorded in the audit log (e.g. passwords).

  • NEW: Added ability to expose report on API (ReportPage).

  • NEW: .NET 3.5 version of Architect

  • CHG: Root model version must be 4.16 now

  • FIX: Workflow Call step / Context mapping now has XPath set to "/" by default.

  • FIX: Work queue class model did not check dependencies properly and it was possible to corrupt the model.

  • FIX: When transformation updated data twice, the second update did not produce correct representation of calculated columns in the resulted XML (e.g. first xslt: 2x50 = 100, second xslt: 3x50 = 100, after the fix, the result is correctly 150).

  • FIX: When changing a lookup tooltip's data structure, the LoadMethod is now reset.

  • FIX: When a lookup was used in a datastructure (rendered as an SQL sub-query) and it returned a "Count" aggregate, the datatype of the data column was not set correctly.

  • FIX: The application was crashing with "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error when an XSLT transformation result was empty.

  • FIX: Some model caching problems solved (renaming elements)

  • FIX: Screen editor failed loading screens where screen section had an alternative created.

  • FIX: Removed unused attributes of the Workflow Page's Redirect Action - ConditionContext and ResultContext. As they were not interpreted they had no use. The workflow's return value is always used for the evaluation.

  • FIX: Message "Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: xxx-xxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxx" appeared sometimes when rules were being processed.

  • FIX: It was not possible to save items after switching packages.

  • FIX: Improved error message when sequential workflow is called and input context does not exist.

  • FIX: Improved error message in case that data structure relationship could not be evaluated (parent or child fields were missing from the data structure or entity types were not set correctly).

  • FIX: Fix copying datastructure column - didn't update reference to Entity field correctly (if set).

  • FIX: 'File' > 'Import Updated Model' now works more stable. It used to fail if some element was deleted from the model.

  • FIX: Errors and a memory leak when switching packages.

  • FIX: Error sometimes occurred while checking model dependencies.

  • FIX: Deployment versions were not sorted correctly by a version number, instead they were sorted as strings, making it difficult to go through version history.

  • FIX: Data structure field's Entity attribute allowed to select its own entity. It should be only possible to select joined entities.

  • FIX: Architect - error was thrown when editing a screen section where one of the widgets was bound to a non-existing entity field.

  • FIX: Architect - "Tools > Rebuild Localization Files" did not keep the documentation translations and replaced them with the original texts.

  • FIX: Add more descriptive error message when a panel in a screen references non-existing entity in datastructure.