Change Log

Stable Desktop Client – Update 2015.1.0

Jun 21, 2015 (build 50) 2015.1.0#14 Download this version


  • NEW: Better error message when passing of parameters to the data service fails (e.g. due to formatting problems).

May 18, 2015 (build 49) 2015.1.0#13 Download this version


  • FIX: Architect - work queue class model did not check dependencies properly and it was possible to corrupt the model.

May 15, 2015 (build 48) 2015.1.0#12 Download this version


  • FIX: Desktop client - data grid textbox displayed data even though row level security was set to deny reading.

Apr 27, 2015 (build 47) 2015.1.0#11 Download this version


  • FIX: Server-side lookup filtering will be turned off for desktop client because it was not working correctly until a fix is found.

Apr 21, 2015 (build 46) 2015.1.0#10 Download this version


  • FIX: Architect - deployment versions were not sorted correctly by version number, instead they were sorted as strings, making it difficult to go through version history.

Apr 21, 2015 (build 45) 2015.1.0#9 Download this version


  • FIX: Desktop client did not process server-side filtered lookups correctly when users entered a wildcard (*) into the search text.

Jan 28, 2015 (build 41) 2015.1.0#5 Download this version


  • NEW: DataLookupMenuBinding has now property Level so it is possible to add menu bindings with higher priority in other packages. Lower level will have precedence to the bindings with higher level.

  • FIX: Descriptive error message when state machine tries to access a field not contained in the data structure being saved.

  • FIX: Architect - It was not possible to select a field and then drag another widget in the screen section designer so the widget would have data-binding set to the previously selected field.

Jan 26, 2015 (build 39) 2015.1.0#3 Download this version


  • FIX: Some state machine events could have been inappropriately evaluated resulting in error message "Work queue fields cannot be looked up.". Error message also changed to be more informative in case the user sets "Lookup Field Values" even thought the work queue class does not have ReversLookup set up.

Jan 22, 2015 (build 36) 2015.1.0#2 Download this version


  • Revert "FIX: XSLT Rounding Up/Down (non-arithmetic) sometimes calculated a wrong value." -- the original algorithm was actually correct

Jan 22, 2015 (build 35) 2015.1.0#1 Download this version


  • FIX: Sometimes it was not possible to delete a model element.

Jan 21, 2015 (build 34) 2015.1.0 Download this version


  • NEW: XsltDataPage now can define reference to DataStructure default set - to be used with PUT method to fill input data with default values.

  • NEW: Work queue configuration "Old Value" and "New Value" fields can now contain Guid strings in upper case (as returned by MS SQL Server) and they will be interpreted correctly.

  • NEW: UserEmail added to the UserProfile class so it is possible to use it in external code. Requires an updated Root model.

  • NEW: State machine event parameter mapping now has a new Type: ChangedFlag. When selecting this type the target context store must be of a boolean data type. It will then contain a boolean value indicating whether the Current and Original values are different, thus, if the specified field has changed. Typically this can be used to pass both original and current value to the workflow and testing the flag if the workflow should process the original value (if it has been changed), otherwise it would only process the current value.

  • NEW: Server side lookup list search implemented for web application server. The desktop client still filters client-side.

  • NEW: Root Menu package - contains initial set of menu items for administering a new application (user management, work queues, etc.). Can be used as a base for new applications.

  • NEW: Preparation for implementing different XSLT engines.

  • NEW: Possibility to remove a package from the model repository.

  • NEW: Parameter name hints now work also on UI actions.

  • NEW: Parameter name hints now work also on entity filter lookup references.

  • NEW: Output window supports select all short cut (ctrl+a).

  • NEW: Origam-backend resource with updated german translations.

  • NEW: Model browser is synchronized when user switches to another editor.

  • NEW: FileSystemService.SaveText and SaveXml methods now have a new parameter Encoding which accepts IANA encoding name (

  • NEW: Business partner drop-down is now filtered server-side.

  • NEW: AS:UserName() function added. Returns an active user's user name.

  • NEW: AS:IsUserAuthenticated() function added. Returns true if current user is an authenticated (logged in) user. Return false if the user is anonymous (guest). Can be used in web pages to show a login button.

  • NEW: Architect Tools > Rebuild Localization Files now works differently than before. It will generate a file per package into l10n\ subfolder of the GIT repository. It will take a new setting TranslationBuilderLanguages from AsapSettings (comma separated list of languages) and will output a file per language. The result will be that per peckage/per language there will be a translation file. Original text was added to the translation file so a pure DIFF is needed to easily translate additions.

  • NEW: Architect - There can be now more than 1 entity event handlers (a state machine on an entity without a field) defined in the model.

  • NEW: Added new German tranlations of model.

  • NEW: Added a new Architect pad - Log. All logging messages will now go to this pad. The current Output pad will remain for generating output from some of the model elements, model actions, XSLT editor messages, etc.

  • NEW: !! THIS UPDATE ALTERS A MODEL DATABASE !! State machine event type RecordCreatedUpdated - will fire on both create and update so it is not necessary to create two event handlers. CHG: Removed RecordUpdated event type. Instead it is now possible to add one or more Field Dependencies under the event for both RecordCreated, RecordUpdated and RecordCreatedUpdated events. When dependencies will exist they will be checked before firing the event. When one of the fields has changed (on update) or is not null (on create) the event will fire.

  • NEW: !! MODEL STRUCTURE UPDATE !! Added M02-M05 fields to SchemaItem to allow more storage.

  • INERNAL: Translations regarding membership management in AS Authorization.

  • CHT: Architect "File > Exit" access key (keyboard shortcut) changed from E to X.

  • CHG: Uppercase first-letter functions AS:Min, AS:Max, AS:Sum, AS:Pow now available as a replacement to the old functions with lower-case letters (min, max, sum, pow). Old functions remain for backwards compatibility.

  • CHG: Updated web-service dll dependencies.

  • CHG: Root model now has English as a default language. Czech added as a translation file.

  • CHG: Change username info displayed right top on origam UI.

  • CHG: GUI designer toolbox redesigned in order to work with .NET Framework 4.

  • CHG: AsapRoot package renamed to Root

  • CHG: AS Authorization package: Few enhancements to the internal user management. Added feature NET_MEMBERSHIP_EXCLUSIVE_USE. It should only be turned on when a corresponding membership provider that supports creating users and manging passwords is configured (will not work e.g. with Active Directory authentication).

  • CHG: AS Authorization package default language changed to English. Czech is now added as a translation file.

  • FIX: XSLT Rounding Up/Down (non-arithmetic) sometimes calculated a wrong value.

  • FIX: When using ORIGAM to render web pages using _pageTemplates prerender template, the <br/> was rendered as <br></br> making it a double new-line.

  • FIX: When switching an entity in Data Structure FilterSet Filter the "Filter" property was not emptied making it possible to keep wrong values.

  • FIX: When roles were set-up so that the screen would be read-only and some screen elements had a Roles attribute filled in (for turning-off the elements based on roles) the widgets were not disabled and it was possible to change values (though the Save button would not appear so it was not possible to save the data).

  • FIX: When creating a new thread a culture info (culture, ui culture) is now inherited properly (transfered from a parent to a child thread).

  • FIX: Updated to the latest model structure.

  • FIX: Update Context sequential workflow task did not handle assigning NULL values properly.

  • FIX: Update Context sequential workflow task could not be added under a workflow block (e.g. Transaction Workflow Block).

  • FIX: Support for aggregations on boolean columns (converts to int - false = 0, true = 1).

  • FIX: Some master-detail screens failed to display child records.

  • FIX: SIMPLICOR ERP service - inventory weighted average recalculation - receipt from manufacturing did not get a price from manufacturing requisitions in case that previous inventory balance was negative.

  • FIX: Screen section designer was crashing when closing.

  • FIX: Removed dependency on a user profile when working with a model using Architect. The user does not have to be "logged in" with a valid user name in the data-database in order to work with a model.

  • FIX: New Function Call in an entity filter has now an empty name so the name could be automatically set when selecting the function.

  • FIX: It was not possible to design screen sections when AttachmentPad is not available (in Architect).

  • FIX: IMPORTANT ARCHITECT UPDATE - It was possible to connect to a newer repository then Architect would support. A message "Do you want to upgrade the repository?" would appear and "downgrade" the repository. A subsequent upgrade (with a newer Architect) would duplicitely run some upgrade scripts. Now the model repository version check works correctly.

  • FIX: Fixed problem in UpdateContextEngineTask - didn't work with updating string value with string simple context store.

  • FIX: Fix copying of UpdateContextTask.

  • FIX: Empty model database create script enhanced for M02-M05 columns.

  • FIX: Desktop Client/Architect > About > System Information - ASAP renamed to ORIGAM

  • FIX: Desktop Client/Architect - running wizards resulted in a crash under .NET 2.

  • FIX: Desktop Client - When a message popped-up while running a wizard under .NET 2.0 the wizard crashed and could not be closed.

  • FIX: Client rebranding resources (logo.png and splash.png) were opened for write access. Now they are accessed for reading only.

  • FIX: Architect model export XML had different attribute/element sorting under .NET 2.0 so diffs were showing too many differences.

  • FIX: Architect hung in some cases. Caused by a thread deadlock because of the new log4net logging to an Output pad.

  • FIX: Architect crashed sometimes when closing a screen designer.

  • FIX: Architect - When changing data lookup's data structure the filter set will be reset not to point to the old data structure. Added some mandatory field checks.

  • FIX: Architect - When creating copies of data structures the filter sets were not copied well and resulted in the Filter property to be set to NULL.

  • FIX: Architect - under .NET 2 the screen designer crashed when removing a screen section from a screen.

  • FIX: Architect - if there are 2 sections on a screen both on the same entity, the one that had a hidden navigation panel and was in a table view would display only an active record while it should display all the records. Only when it is switched to a Detail view it would display only a single record.

  • FIX: Architect - error occured when right clicking on "Fields" model element group inside an inherited element.

  • FIX: Architect - Entity and Filter are now checked as mandatory in a Data Structure Filter Set Filter.

  • FIX: Architect - About - System Information was crashing under .net 2.0

  • FIX: "New Group" Architect menu item (right click in the model browser) was appearing also inside elements where it made no sense (e.g. when clicking on an entity).

  • DEL: Removed "global transaction" functionality which was not used by anyone anymore and was not properly maintained.