Change Log

Stable Setup 2016.11

Dec 22, 2016 (build 13) 2016.11#12 Download this version


  • FIX: - add NoAccess.cshtml to the project template

Nov 22, 2016 (build 9) 2016.11#8 Download this version


  • FIX: Corrected upgrade code so it differs from the Master version

Oct 31, 2016 (build 1) 2016.11 Download this version


  • NEW: New XSLT editor libraries added

  • NEW: Bundled ASP.NET MVC libraries so it is not needed to install MVC separately.

  • NEW: Added SQL Server Reporting Services adapter dlls

  • CHG: Removed reference to NetronGraphLib.dll (old diagramming library)

  • CHG: Removed reference to MS Powerpoint DLL.

  • CHG: Removed obsolete Star21Service

  • FIX: Added missing MVC library

  • FIX: Add Nuget.Core.dll MVC component dll also into architect bundle.

  • FIX: Add mailFrom appSettings key, without that the system mailing fails with ugly message.