open source back-end
and enterprise application platform

Folding ideas into solutions

Backend with a great UI

Build complete mobile and web backends including a back-office user interface

Create a database and an administration user interface in a moment. Then add workflows, define APIs and integrate with other systems. ORIGAM contains all the tools you need to create an enterprise application in one box.

Solve more, faster

Digitize complete businesses with a complex agile platform

Bring a prototype to your first sales meeting instead of wireframes. Start with a small agenda and extend your solution to all parts of the customer's business later. ORIGAM allows you to start small and fast with an assurance that it can handle more later.

Extend life-time of your solutions

ORIGAM applications keep running longer thanks to a unique architecture

5 years or less is a typical enterprise application life time. But our customers use their apps much longer. Some of them since 14 years and not going to change. Because we update the platform while keeping the apps running as they were originally developed.

Converting messy Excel sheets into a well working application boosted our productivity.

Eva Cizkova, NIKON

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