Success Stories

AGV Switzerland

How do you keep track of thousands of insurance contracts? You could use MS Office – slow, messy, cumbersome. Or you could build your own system underpinned by ORIGAM.

AGV, a Swiss insurance company, did just that. In less than 90 man–days, we had a working system that automated document creation, scanning, barcode based sorting and even allowed the civil service access via extranet. All that for 50% less than the standard issue software running on SAP.

Swiss Office for the Execution of Penal Sentences

Prisons. No need for sophisticated software, right?

Wrong! ORIGAM formed the backbone of a custom system developed for the Swiss Office for the Execution of Penal Sentences and Justice which allows a quick, objective, data driven analysis of every prisoner’s case, including the danger of recidivism. Built with massive savings of both time and resources when compared to standard software, our unique system eliminates the possibility of a human error of judgement and brings a new level of rigour into evaluating criminals’ cases. Learn more at

Tereos TTD

TTD, the biggest sugar refinery in the country, had a problem with trucks. Anywhere between 50 and 200 unload their loads of beets at the refinery's doorstep every day. Come too many, the roads get jammed. Come too few and the whole operation might shut down. So all drivers used to be manually coordinated via cellphones. Labor intensive, imprecise, messy… until they turned to ORIGAM. Real time tracking. Automatic monitoring of the cargo’s size. Ongoing correlation with lab analyses determining the quality of the beets. All these functions were built in a new platform running on ORIGAM, created for less than the cost of two months of manual monitoring. And that was just the beginning. The platform now monitors inputs from the producers regarding soil quality, creates invoices based on lab results and much much more. Fast. Cheap. Reliable. Based on ORIGAM.

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